Why do we like to read action fiction?

There are few things more pleasurable things to do than shut off the rest of the world and sink into a good book. We all have our own preferences and different genres appeal to different people. However, no matter what the genre, one thing all book fans seem to have in common is the desire for escapism.

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This is especially true when it comes to reading action novels. Reading action fiction has proved a popular diversion for people seeking thrills and excitement they aren’t likely to find in their everyday lives. When’s the last time you jumped out of 20-storey burning building or were involved in white-knuckle car chase?

OK, so very few people will experience those things, but what is appealing about action fiction is that very often it is about extraordinary things which happen in pretty ordinary settings. Not every police officer will be involved in a high-speed chase or witness huge explosions every day, but we want to get lost in the story of the cop who does. Heck, we might even want to be that guy (although he’s most likely got his demons too).

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The notion of escapism isn’t about trying to disengage from reality or try to hide away from our day-to-day lives. It’s more about a need to take a temporary break from the mundane things around us and excite our senses. Look at life from a different angle or simply be entertained by a gripping story or hang out with a favorite character.

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Holiday Gifts That Thrill

Electronics are always nice, who wouldn’t love the latest smartphone or that new 4K TV? Finding the right clothes could also be the perfect fit, sweaters sure do come in handy when it’s cold outside. But for some people, it takes a little bit more of a … WOW, factor. For some it’s all about the rush and the adrenaline, and with those people in mind, here are three action-packed gift ideas for the adventure seekers in your life.

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Skydiving! One of the ultimate thrills, there’s nothing quite like climbing up to altitude on an airplane knowing that you’re about to jump off and have the experience of a lifetime! Many dropzones are closed during the winter, but gift certificates are always available for when weather permits.

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Bungee jumping! Considerably more budget-conscious than skydiving, bungee jumping still offers the thrill and sensation of freefall in safety and security. Much like with skydiving, if you live where the winter weather isn’t quite right, a gift certificate will be ready and waiting for the perfect time to jump!

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Books! Are your loved ones still working up the courage for that skydive or bungee jump? Why not get their hearts pumping and get them in the mood with a good book! Every adventure starts with an idea, and the right book just might plant the seed… The thrills will have them turning pages at a frantic pace!

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